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Stories of Transformation

Watch and listen to stories of personal breakthroughs, miraculous healings, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of students around the world.

Nancy's Story

In 2017, Nancy was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. When she came out of surgery, she woke up as a quadriplegic. With the firm intention to heal and walk again, she listened to Dr Joe's audio books and YouTube videos, viewed the Progressive Online Course, and meditated daily.
Watch what happened by the time she attended her first live event in Portland…

Sophia's Story

Sophia was undertaking traditional treatment for cancer, which had spread throughout her body. Her father booked her into the Dubai Week Long Advanced Retreat and she started to do the work, but she was still in constant pain.
After a Coherence Healing session, the pain was gone. Watch what happened when Sophia went for a PET scan three weeks after the retreat…

Nik's Story

Suffering from chronic fatigue and physically impaired by two hip replacements that were the result of leukemia 30 years earlier, Nik was living a limited life. After a weekend bout of the coxsackie virus, which also impaired his heart function and left him in constant chest pain, his symptoms worsened. Nik couldn’t even walk a short distance without feeling pain.
Watch what happened when he participated in the Walking Meditation…

Ricardo's Story

When Ricardo was diagnosed with lymphoma, he began chemotherapy. Not long afterwards, his uncle gave him Dr Joe’s book. Ricardo began reading Dr Joe’s book, started doing the meditations, and attended a live retreat. A PET scan later revealed he still had lymphoma, so the doctor suggested a higher dose of chemotherapy, in addition to a stem cell transplant.
Watch what happened after Ricardo negotiated a three-month pause in treatment…

Ahila's Story

At 22, Ahila was diagnosed with psoriasis, and several years later with psoriatic arthritis. No longer able to live an active lifestyle, she needed painkillers just to get through the day. After trying various medications and special diets, doctors told her nothing more could be done.
Watch what happened when she came across one of Dr Joe's videos...

Cheryl's Story

In 2016, Cheryl was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer, which included nine tumors. Doctors gave her two years to live. Cheryl tried alternative treatments, as well as traditional medicine, but the tumors continued to grow. When a friend mentioned she was listening to Dr Joe's meditations, Cheryl became interested, started meditating, and began reading ‘ You are the Placebo’.
Watch what happened next…

Eroca's Story

Years ago, Eroca was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When she didn’t respond to any medications, doctors diagnosed her with upper motor neuron syndrome; meanwhile, her difficulty with mobility, eating, standing up, and walking increased.
During the Vancouver Week Long Advanced Retreat, she went all in, got out of the way, and did ‘the breath’ during the meditation.
Watch what happened next…

Olivia's Story

Olivia had surgery for breast cancer in 2014, but not long after, the cancer returned and spread to her lungs. Because the cancer had spread throughout her entire body, she elected to have chemotherapy and radiation. After more radiation and surgery, unable to walk or talk, she was forced to move in with her parents. When her brother sent her a Dr Joe YouTube clip, she knew she needed to change her field.
Watch what happened next...

Suelene's Story

During childbirth, the tissues and muscles of Suelene’s anus tore. Doctors stitched the tear but were unable to reattach the muscle fibers, leaving her without the ability to control her elimination functions.
Watch what happened when she attended the Mallorca Week Long Advanced Retreat and decided to overcome the fears and limitations of her body...

Saul's Story

While skydiving in 2007, Saul broke his back in three parts. Ever since the accident, he experienced countless problems with his back as well as dealing with 20 hernias. As a result of his vertebra being so constricted, he couldn’t straighten his back and had so much trouble walking, sitting, and laying down, that he had to relearn how to walk and sit.
But watch what happened after one particular meditation...

Victoria's Story

15 years ago, Victoria was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, which caused her to experience severe issues with digestion and elimination. Her doctor suggested a colostomy bag. The timing coincided with the release of 'What the Bleep Do We Know,' so Victoria used the teachings in it to heal herself. Five years later, she was better. Then, ten months after the birth of her child, Victoria found herself in the hospital with life-threatening issues.
Watch what happened next…

Amy's Story

Two years ago, due to upheavals with her job, Amy began to fall into a deep depression. Every day became more of a struggle, and unable to sleep, she began pondering suicide. Doctors prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills, but it only made things worse.
Watch what happened when Amy signed up for the Toronto Week Long Advanced Retreat and began practicing meditation...

Dominique's Story

Diagnosed with Stage 3 Lyme Disease, Dominique found herself bedridden. For 25 years, she tried to heal herself by going to all different types of therapies. No matter what she tried, however, she was unable to get off her pain medication.
Watch what happened when she realized she needed to go ‘Quantum’ at Dr Joe's Progressive Retreat...

Gabe's Story

After spending two years bed ridden, Gabe was diagnosed with chronic late stage neurological Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, and a degenerative kidney disease. Although traditional medicine slightly improved her symptoms, a year later they returned.
Watch what happened when she was instinctively drawn to Dr Joe’s book, which she already had, and then began meditating...

Valentina's Story

Valentina was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2015. After her doctor gave her the worst-case scenario, she found herself a new openminded doctor, attended her first Progressive Retreat, and began meditating.
After attending the Tarragona Week Long Advanced Retreat in 2018, for a week she felt sick, but watch what happened when she went in for a blood test several weeks later…

Anabell's Story

When Anabell arrived at the Progressive Retreat in Cancun, she was not sure why she felt a calling to attend. She had never mediated and didn’t believe in a creator. The day after the retreat, however, her doctor told her she had a lump in her breast that needed to be removed. She continued to do the work, but doctors insisted she undergo major surgery as the lump was cancerous.
Hear what happened when Anabell arrived at the Progressive Retreat in Cancun…

Eefje's Story

Three years ago, Eefje was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She went through surgery, chemotherapy, special diets, and alternative treatments with no success. Then, she discovered Dr Joe’s books, videos, and began meditating.
During the Mallorca Week Long Advanced Retreat, she participated as a healee in one of our Coherence Healing sessions. Watch what happened next...

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