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Our Collections

Beginner's Collection

New to the work? Choose from a variety of options designed to help you create a new life.

Abundance Collection

Explore our curated Abundance Collection to learn how to use the principles of this work to generate more abundance in your life.

Healing Collection

Turn information into transformation with our Healing Collection. Begin healing your body and your life today by practicing these meditations.

Kids & Family Collection

Explore our collection of meditations and products designed for kids, young adults, and families to practice together.

New Habits Collection

Change is possible, but all of us need a little help or reminders to stay on track. Explore this collection to find meditations and products designed to help you break limiting habits or beliefs.

Restorative Sleep Collection

Having trouble sleeping? Find meditations and music designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Walking Meditation Collection

Create a new personal reality by embodying the energy of your future. Explore our Walking Meditation Collection to learn how and begin practicing today.

Advanced Collection

Upon completion of an Advanced Retreat, you become eligible to explore our advanced courses and meditations. Take your experience of the work to the next level with this collection.

We Believe In


the power to change ourselves

the body’s capacity to heal

the uncommon

celebrating life


a higher love

the future



each other

the unseen


our children



our elders

mind over matter

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